Pilates bridging exercise

Lets Talk Pilates: My Favourite Pilates Exercise Of All Time Is…

Ladies and Gents, I give you bridges!

Pilates bridging exercise

If you aren’t already familiar with bridges, you need to be!

Bridging is my all-time favourite Pilates workout. They’re great for posture; fab for hip and spine mobility; excellent for core,back, leg and glute strength, and they improve knee and ankle stability. On top of this, bridging is both low impact and surprisingly relaxing, which is an unusual attribute for something so effective. There are also many ways to progress the exercise with variations, meaning you won’t outgrow them.

You can bridge multiple ways, Pilates On Tap has 7 different versions, but my 2 favourites are regular bridge, above, and bridge with one knee lift, pictured below.

Top tips for safe and effective bridging

·      Bridge on a flat, lightly cushioned surface. No Madam, not your bed!

·      Keep your knees in hip alignment as you roll up and down with both sides of the pelvis level throughout

·      Your shoulders stay relaxed and down.

Once you’ve mastered control and stability with regular bridge, challenge yourself by slowly raising one leg at a time to tabletop before placing the foot carefully down in hip alignment. Pointing of the toe is not obligatory, but it does activate the muscles of the lower leg, so unleash your inner ballerina.

Serving suggestion – In the morning to wake up your spine, after a day at the desk, or post lugging the kids about. Bridges rule.

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