Lets Talk About Pilates: The Magic Of Inner Thigh Workouts

Working your inner thighs doesn’t just work your inner thighs!

The inner thigh muscles are linked to the pelvic floor, so working this group of muscles instantly improves your pelvic floor. It doesn’t matter your age or sex, we all need to take care of our pelvic floor, so isn’t it great to know that you’ve got alternative workouts to Kegel Exercises? Hooray!

Traditional Pilates mat lying exercises such as side lying inner thigh lift and double leg lift (pictured above in a screen grab from Pilates On Tap) will be your friend. These work the waist and outer thighs too, so they’ve multiple benefits. Drawing the navel in and up, with your pelvis in neutral, will stabilise the core as well as further engage the Pelvic Floor. Keep the shoulders and hips stacked, and don’t hold your breath.

An easily accessible prop to add extra resistance is a small cushion or a squishy Pilates ball. In a seated position on a chair, or lying on your back with your knees bent, feet flat on the floor, place the cushion/ball between your knees and exhale to squeeze it with your thighs, inhale to release. Again, finding neutral pelvis and drawing the navel in and up will add extra benefits. Be sure to work both sides evenly and not to recruit your glutes.

Serving suggestion – 3 reps of 12, followed by an inner thigh butterfly stretch.

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