Lets Talk Pilates: Enjoy A Beach Holiday & Tone Up

Find out how to work your Abs while relaxing on the beach this summer with Pilates!

If you don’t feel like going to the hotel gym whilst on holiday, or joining in with aqua aerobics class in the pool, then this series is here to help you (semi-)discreetly work your abs whilst on your sun-lounger. All you need to do is pop that frozen margarita down for 5 mins and lay your sun-lounger flat- these exercises are the best summer holiday workouts for everyone.

Summer Ab Workout No.1 – Toe taps

Lying on your back with your spine and pelvis in neutral. Gently draw your navel in and up and exhale to float your legs up to table top one at a time, knees above the hips and the legs bent to 90 degrees. Keep your pelvis in neutral. On your next exhale, lower your right toes towards the sunlounger (or sand), and inhale to return to tabletop, exhale to lower your left foot down to the ground, inhale to return to tabletop, knee over the hip. Keep going with your own breath. Don’t reduce the 90 degree angle at the back of the knee. If you just bend the knee to take the toes to the ground, you’re reducing the lever length and making the exercise far easier. 

Summer Ab Workout no. 2 – Discreet reverse curl.

Lie on your back with your knees bent, knees and feet hip width apart, spine and pelvis in neutral. Like this post for a quick explainer on how to find neutral pelvis and spine.

Gently draw your navel in and up and float both legs up to tabletop, knees over hips. Place your hands on your thighs and exhale to use your lower abdominals to tuck your pelvis and press your thighs into your hands. Inhale to release back into neutral pelvis. Check that you aren’t you aren’t cheating and moving your legs towards your hands.

Keep going, building up to a minute and resting when you need to. Don’t let too much tension creep into your upper body, keep your shoulders down.

Summer Ab Exercise no.3Obliques

Have your lounger flat, or slide your towel onto the sand to lie flat on your back. If you’ve space, open your arms out to chest height for added stability. If not, just take them away from the side of your body slightly.

Gently draw your navel in and up bring both legs up to tabletop, knees directly over the hips, legs together. Inhale to control your knees over to your right, exhale to use your obliques to bring your knees back to centre. Inhale to control your knees to the left and exhale to draw them back to centre. Keep going for up to a minute, resting if you need to.

Don’t take the knees over too far. Your shoulders should stay in contact with the ground. Make sure you’re using your obliques rather than momentum to bring yourself back to centre, and watch for tension in your upper body.

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