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Top Sante Magazine is the leading and longest running UK health magazine for women over 40.

Sarah has revolutionised the online Pilates experience by creating a platform that lets you customise almost every element of you class!

Pilates On Tap is featured in Top Sante’s list of the latest and best digital fitness products. 

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Women’s Fitness Magazine

Women’s Fitness Magazine features the latest exercise, health, nutrition, motivation and well-being advice.

Midlife Fitness Sorted!

Women’s fitness names Pilates On Tap as the best Pilates app for midlife fitness. 

‘Sarah notes that Pilates can help alleviate many unpleasant side effects of peri/menopause, from reducing joint pain and inflammation… to providing a gentler, low-impact form of weight bearing exercise that can reduce the release of the stress hormone cortisol, known to trigger hot flushes.’

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Health & Wellbeing

Health & Wellbeing magazine is the UK’s go-to lifestyle title offering an essential mix of feel-good inspiration and mindful techniques. Inside each issue, readers enjoy exclusive celebrity interviews, healthy eating advice from nutritionists and top tips from experts

Pilates on Tap – Unlike any other fitness app we have tried

As soon as you open the app, the customisation begins. You will be asked about areas you want to focus on, preferred length of workouts, whether you like background music and more! 

The tailored video plan you receive is a far cry from the tired pre-recorded workouts of many apps and provides you with the feeling of a 1-2-1 pilates class.

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The Women’s Journal

The women's journal Pilates review

The Women’s Journal is more than just another women’s lifestyle magazine that occasionally touches on women’s issues – the 2023 women’s website was born out of the need to redress women’s rights during a period in which there have been several steps backwards for women worldwide. The Women’s Journal is a feminist website dedicated to women and is an online journal for all women. 

We loved how easy it was to incorporate into busy life!

In 10 to 15 minutes you have done an incredible workout that is so much more personalised than what you can get on youtube videos or social media. The instructions were super clear and the voice of the instructor was both soothing and encouraging. Even though you don’t have the class environment to keep you motived until the end of the workout, the instructor and exercises meant that we did finish the whole workout with ease.

LUXLife Magazine

LUXlife Magazine is a premium lifestyle publication which founded in 2015. Publishing only the most cutting edge of products, services, attractions and events that will appeal to its audience. 

Pilates on Tap – We at LUXLife are converts!

Both the app itself, and the content have been delivered to a meticulous standard.
We at LUXLife trialed the app and are convinced! What we loved, was that it generates a unique, tailor-made, video for you every time, taught by a real-life instructor. With a limitless number of possible class combinations, there’s no way you’ll ever need to do the same video twice.

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Woman’s Own

Women's Own Pilates On Tap App Workout Review

Woman’s Life Magazine is one of the UK’s most popular women’s magazines with articles on celebrity gossip, real-life, fashion, beauty, well-being and travel. 

It worked for me!

At just £10pm, Pilates On Tap has transformed my posture and reduced discomfort through tailored 1-2-1 pilates classes. 
Whether you are looking to build fitness, improve posture or reduce discomfort from a plethora of ailments, pilates can work for you!

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WeAreTechWomen was founded in 2015 to help women working in technology to maximise their potential. WeAreTechWomen currently has a membership of 25,000 diverse female members women working across a multitude of industries and tech disciplines.

Pilates on Tap – A unique insight into a healthy lifestyle

Pilates on Tap is the creation of Sarah Manners, whose training in Pilates, and her application of it to her own life to over-come her own health challenges, gave her a unique insight when creating the app.

Each video offers simple, accessible terms without confusing those new to Pilates, particularly when some of the more technical concepts arise.

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The London Magazine

The London Magazine - Pilates On Tap Workout Review

The London Magazine is England’s magazine, with a history stretching back to 1732. It is a home for the best writing and an indispensable feature on the British literary landscape.

Top tip to live well in London!

Pilates on Tap is a fitness app like no other – it combines the flexibility of working out when & where you want with the focus of a 1-2-1 class at a fraction of the cost.

For those living the non-stop London lifestyle, Pilates on Tap provides a way to keep healthy, get fit and relieve stress.

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